We need to define the core of design

Thinking before doing

Oana Dusa - Posted in The core of design on Apr 16, 2016

As a beginner, five years ago, I didn't really know where this 'design' thing will lead. I was groping in the dark, grabbing a piece of information, stowing it in the brain and hoping one day I will be able to turn on the lights so everything that I had gathered would make sense.

Today I realize things have changed, radically, in the best way possible. I opened my mind and started seeing behind the scenes of real design.

Did you ever wonder why big names like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have this huge success? They don't have a pretty UI. Facebook is actually pretty ugly, if you ask me, yet every single button and every tiny icon was created and integrated with a huge amount of care. It doesn't only suit the needs. They are all thought with at least one step ahead.

Nowadays, we have an intense mobile market and success doesn't rely on beauty. It relies on usability, on suiting the needs and on making every experience as pleasant. We don't want to make the use think every time he uses a new app. Not anymore.

Listen, empathize, think

So design is more like how we translate a feeling to the user through UI, with simplicity above anything else. This is one of the basis layers, and this is one of our main tasks.

The problem is that many, too many people and potential clients don't know this, they don't know about the importance of a couple of minds that burnish every coating with which the idea is draped. We need to listen and then we need to let our clients know what they need in order to be successful.

So design is more like how we translate a feeling to the user through UI.

I've met many clients that simply didn't know what the mobile market is, how do you make an app, and more importantly, how do you make it burst. Some people had great ideas, maybe revolutionary ideas, but they didn't know how to put it altogether. And that's ok! They just need the right people to unscramble the puzzle and make use of their knowledge.

I felt the need to find a place where people would seek for these things and appreciate them, and i think Toptal fills in the blanks. They promote professionalism and they seek to create the perfect team that matches the needs of a client, as well as with the product itself. Especially because the market needs not only executors, but thinkers that dare to look outside of the box.

Design is tedious, and ultimately is about the users, those people who find use of your app, and beauty is just a bonus for making it perfect.